You guy have to leave the “I want everything for free pirate stuff” and grow to the real world.

Interesting that you clearly either didn’t read any of this, don’t understand, or are purposefully being obtuse.

I’m not, in any way, shape, or form talking about music. I state in the article itself that I understand Google needing to put music streaming behind a paywall, since the current business model isn’t sustainable with the royalties that must be paid.

My issue comes in the fact that not all content on YouTube is subject to royalties. In fact, I would imagine that the majority of the content on YouTube is not subject to royalty fees. For example, the ASMR community on YouTube is niche and small. It’s made up of regularly people uploading videos based on their passion alone. Even so, a combination of ad-monetization and patreon lets a lot of these enthusiasts supplement their salaries and even replace them all together. It’s not behind a paywall, but it’s not free. Its supported via ad revenue.

That’s totally regardless, anyway. The issue here isn’t monetization of music streaming. That’s a no brainer. This is about Google hiding multitasking functionality behind the music streaming paywall. It’s downright disingenuous. Apps like Twitch, Spotify, Pandora, etc. all have background audio and multitasking support even with their ad-supported versions. Multitasking doesn’t Impact YouTube’s bottom line. Instead, they are using it/withholding it to incentivize people to adopt yet another paid service.

Please use a little bit of common sense or independent reason I before you throw around ill-informed insults in between truly garbage arguments. You sound silly.

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