Forever You Will Be My Most Treasured Memory

The storm rages outside my bedroom window
Still as furious as ever
Shaking my soul to its very core
The clouds cover the sky
Drowning the stars in torrential downpour
Their voices cry out in desperate need
But I cannot answer for i am just like them

Your image rests in the back of my mind
As pure and graceful as the jubilant doves
And still you are to me
The girl who held my hand
The girl who stood by my side
The girl who brought me back from the edge of the void
And talked me down when my heart was steeped in death
In that memory I take solace

But even today I am still
The 14 year old boy I was when we met
That very first day you stared into my soul
And saw through the thick black layers of permafrost
The day you deemed I was worth saving
So come back to me, my angel of mercy 
Take my hand and lead me away from here
That I may once again be renewed

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