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I would also say that they’ve made the viewing experience awful. Being from Phili, I watch the Eagles game every week and I mute the TV and turn on Merrill Reese. He can be annoying at times but it’s far better than listening to any of the national guys. He actually discusses tactics and points out technical aspects about the game whereas you have the national guys going: “Now this is critical drive,” “They REALLY need this conversion,” “If you control the run, you win,” “In order to win you need to not turn the ball over” and “MOMENTUM!!!HURRDURR!” I think I just listed about 83.33% of Troy Aikman’s vocabulary during broadcasts (HURRDURR may or may not be something that I just add to the end of any of his sentences.).

The NFL’s continual pandering to the lowest common denominator when making decisions is just infuriating. Their broadcast teams are awful. The 2 seconds of action+5 minutes of commercials is boring as hell. Their refusal to make their Refs full time and provide them with a coherent rule book which utilizes common sense decisions (Dez Bryant made that catch). As part of that, why is there not a central Ref room in NY with like 2 more refs watching each game that can buzz the head Ref to simply say…”Hey thats wrong,” or “Fix the ball’s spot.” Even some of the reviewing procedures could be fixed by adding an addition member to each crew to watch video during the game to help with decision making.

I’m not even going to touch on the hypocrisy of stealing millions in taxpayer money to pay for the stadiums, or the abysmal record the NFL has on domestic violence or criminal behavior of their player, or the party boats/busses, or LeSean McCoy beating up 3 police officers and not even getting a fine, or the constant parade of terrible teams put up to primetime games, or the fact that only maybe 5 teams in this league are any good (And one of them is QB’d by Sam Bradford), or the fact that they refuse to develop any type of contract reform which might incentivize retaining veteran players who actually know how to play the game, or the fact that Joe Flacco (JOE “elite” FLACCO) is making 20+ million a year. There are SO many contributing factors to this that I’m not sure the NFL can solve it. Perhaps its beginning it’s regression to the mean.

Personally, I watch my teams game and then turn it off to go do something else productive with my time. I hope more people join me in that to force the NFL to make changes to their current ineptitude and make the game watchable again.

Oh, and contract: Cleveland, Jacksonville, Houston and one of either Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, or LA. There aren’t enough good players to support the league as large as it is now.

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