Wait..there’s one more thing

Do you have the gnawing voice that’s constantly asking you to do more, read more, study more, try harder, work better, be more efficient, create more lists, check off more items on those lists, do more on social media, call close friends and family more, and on, and on, and on….

We’ve become a human culture of doing more than of being.

It’s fine, we’re all really doing the best that we can.

So, shouldn’t me doing the best I can net me more than the “background dissatisfaction” that colors some days more than others? The first time I heard the term “background dissatisfaction” was while watching a webinar with Eckhart Tolle. I took pause; what a funny term that explained how nothing was enough. The next question was even more uncomfortable — how long have I lived with it that I recognized it so quickly? The discovery of truth behind that single question has spanned several years up until today. I think keeping the question alive helps me keep the awareness alive. The awareness helps me acknowledge discomfort/unhappiness that spans over several weeks.

Ever since I stumbled upon this question I started experimenting with things in my life to see if I can improve upon that “background dissatisfaction.” Here are some steps I took:

  • Try often as possible to do one thing at a time(and no, Corporate America did not make it easy- but it was my experiement and therefore my prerogative). If it’s too much to do one thing at a time — try two things. If I can have a cup of tea and read — I feel more productive than just drinking tea alone
  • Have an activity that gives me access to a steady stream of meeting new people(we all have a sanity activity — sleeping, drawing, pottery, exercise; having coffee with friends happens to be mine)
  • Maya Angelou once said “When people show you who they are, believe them — the first time.” Gotta love simple logic. Choose your friends carefully. The five people we spend the most time with shape our actions in ways we can’t always acknowledge — enough said
  • SLEEP. I sleep as often as I feel the urge to, without blame, without judgment, without disappointment that I’m not as far as I could be with any given task because I need to sleep(This was easier on days I was in school vs. working at a job but please, fight for this one)
  • Where ever life happens to be that moment of that day, that month, that year — it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be so I let go of the judgment of how things could’ve/should’ve/would’ve been(I’m better at this some days more than others and that’s fine too)

Thank you for checking in.