The Single Life

I have been wanting to start blogging on here for a while and something just struck me tonight that needed to be said. Why is it that men can be such pigs? OK, I’m not saying that all women are rainbows and sunshine but I mean, COME ON. This guy has been trying to hang out with me for months now, we do not talk much but recently I agreed to see him next time he was home. I mean, just hanging out, why not? Then tonight he messages me out of the blue and basically asks for material because he was feeling “in the mood”. I have never met this man in person let alone talked sexual with him! So why in the f*** would I send him trashy pictures of myself?! I just do not get it. I honestly do not. Being single, I know how he is feeling but I can honestly say I would not ask a stranger ,(practically), for MATERIAL! That is just absurd to me. Maybe I’m just in a bitchy mood but I honestly feel offended.


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