Important features of a great landing page (Part 2)

We have offered you insights into the main characteristics of landing pages and reviewed the common examples of each type of such web pages, but now it is time to get acquainted with the cream of the crop. We offer you a list of the most outstanding land pages which have been launched this year. This ranking was formed on the basis of the following criteria:

Visual representation — There is a saying, “You will never get a second chance to make the first impression.” It is also applicable to landing pages. After seeing a poorly designed page that does not satisfy even the aesthetically unpretentious taste, the user will probably never get interested in the product.

The power of call-to-action — The art of persuasion plays a significant role in online marketing. The masterfully crafted word combinations are no less important than the well-elaborated design. Only land pages that had the best call-to-action phrases have made it to our list.

Product representation and persuasiveness — The concept of the land page is not only to demonstrate the most useful features of the product, but also to persuade the customer to provide the credit card details without much hesitation. Great landing pages do it naturally, while the bad ones have a commanding or even a begging tone, which is certainly a big turn-off.

So, let’s look in more detail.


This is our absolute favorite! It is designed in somber colors, predominantly gray and white, with informative animated images. The scale which allows you to compare the thickness of an ordinary wallet with a Bellroy wallet is a brilliant attention-grabbing feature. There is no doubt that almost every visitor will spend at least a minute playing with the slider. This landing page also has brief but very informative descriptions of the product’s strong points. Please follow the link.

Luhse Tea

Although the company’s website is still under construction, we’ve managed to get our hands on the preview of their landing page. We have to admit that if the web page was available and we could assess its content, it would have probably pushed Bellroy from the first spot. The design of this landing page is as close to impeccable as it gets. Executed in the noir style, it has the perfect combination of colors, with red and black being the dominant ones, and sophisticated yet somewhat funny animations. Everyone would like a sip of the same tea that dangerous and romantic Bonnie and Clyde drink. Follow the link

Urban Originals

It seems that the contemporary web design is following the trends in high fashion, giving preference to minimalism and the balanced color scheme. Urban Originals fully adheres to these principles. Simplicity and taste are the main features of this landing page. It has a very intuitive menu and colorful slider which makes you want to look through the entire photo album. Their call-to-action, which says, “Don’t cry. Buy a bag and get over it”, really gave us a laugh. Follow the link


You won’t see such an interesting design on other landing pages. If offers you to take a journey from a bowl of flour to a scrumptious multi-layered cake. The call-to-action is rather simplistic (I want cake) but it is situated right under a perfect piece of cake, so there is no chance that any sweet-tooth will resist such a temptation. Follow the link


A well-known company can’t go without a good landing page. Uber managed to combine a pleasant design, which is not overloaded with colors and images, with a powerful headline that is capable of making the drivers join Uber. Who wouldn’t want to have a flexible schedule, right? If not for a couple of unnecessary links, like “Ride with Uber”, which divert user’s attention from the main message, this landing page would have been placed higher on our list. Follow the link


The prominent SEO software provider has one of the best landing pages which delivers its strong message via headline and subheading straight to the user and kindles his or her interest towards the product. The CAT button is located right in the middle of the page, distinguished from the overall purple-and-gray layout by a soft orange color. The image provides some insight into the actual software interface, which is a definite plus. Although, it also has links and hyperlinks that tend to take away user’s attention from the content. Follow the link


Slicktrick is a shining example of a magnificent “tile” design which provides a stylish placement of large portion blocks with engaging content. We are sure that you will spend hours checking each of these colorful blocks. Follow the link

Other important features of a great landing page

The creative design and a proper call-to-action are undoubtedly of immense importance, though there are other elements that shouldn’t be left out of account. Otherwise, there is no chance that your landing page will turn, figuratively speaking, into a conversion and selling machine.

Headline — A great landing page always has a catchy headline. It should make the user stay on the page and study its content. The effective headline doesn’t have to be sophisticated or long. Use large fonts and always place the headline at the top of the page.

Simplicity — The landing page shouldn’t be overloaded with information and hyperlinks which may lure the user to other pages.

Use only one call-to-action — Every element of the landing page has to persuade the user to make a single action, whether it is a purchase or a registration. Otherwise, the user may get confused and leave the page.