Sedimentary Graveyard

The day starts when I wake up, not when the sun rises. I have often wondered if that is an insult to nature.

Rise when the light comes.

The world ๐ŸŒ gives us what we need to live yet we want more. This makes me think though. We evolve the building blocks that the earth produces into houses and technologies. These products are all made from the elements around us. Is man made also simply nature evolved?

This is a construction, true life for real bullshit. I donโ€™t believe that bombs are natural or that tanks are evolved from plants.

On a grand scale are we are cells interacting and combining with the world. The difference is that nature has a balanced set of scales.

We only assault the land, we drain and never fill.

One day we will rise before day break and as the sun rises, so will the waves and the lava. The scales will tip over upon us, fossils of the future burning our own sedimentary graves.

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