Casey — College Student Who Was Born into Abusive Home

Based in Gonzales, Texas, Family Link is both a foster care and adoption agency. Committed to helping children who’ve been victims of abuse and neglect find a loving home, Family Link helped Casey and her siblings triumph over an abusive past.

Casey was born in a suburban town. She lived with her mother and four siblings — Josh, Nathan, Josef, and Alea, in an abusive household. The chaos affected the children immensely. Casey’s teachers, school nurses, and doctor recommended that she and her siblings be taken into child protective services, but help wasn’t forthcoming — not until Alea was murdered.

Casey and her brother Josef found themselves in foster care early in life. At the time, Casey was so emotionally scarred, she contemplated death. There, they met Mariah Wilde. Mariah convinced her own parents, the Reeds, to become foster parents. They then adopted Casey and Josef.

It was at the Reeds’ home that Casey and Josef first learned about Jesus Christ through weekly home Bible studies. Jane, a friend of the Reeds, would join them during the studies. Jane was so inspired by the Reeds that she decided to become a foster parent herself. She took in Casey’s older brothers Josh and Nathan — a complete coincidence. When Jane later found out she had Casey’s brothers, she requested that Casey and Josef be moved to her home as well, and she adopted all of them.

Today, Casey is the first in her biological family to graduate from high school. She attends Austin Community College (ACC) and looks forward to transferring to the University of Texas. She also works at Family Link.

For more information on becoming foster parents, contact Family Link phone number 830–875–6062 or through their website

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