Why You Should Start an eBay Reseller Blog

Do you love sharing your eBay reseller experiences?

Do you also struggle with motivation to sell and list on eBay?

Want more ways to drive traffic to your eBay listings?

Starting an eBay selling blog might be your answer.

It’s simple:

Setting up an eBay seller blog will give you a place to not only share your experiences as an eBay seller, but also post the links to your listed eBay items.

Being able to share your reselling experiences will also encourage you to keep listing and keep selling.

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your eBay blog:

Share your scores. Let’s say you went to an estate sale and you found an amazing treasure. Photograph it and write a blog about that item. Once that item is listed on eBay, post a link to it within your blog post. This will help you with SEO (search engine optimization) on your item.

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche. If you sell in a specific niche, collectible coins for instance, you can post to your blog anything related to collectible coins… their history, the rarest coins, etc. Don’t forget to link to your items within the blog posts as well.

Simply stay motivated. You can use your eBay selling blog as journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just be real. Share your triumphs and struggles. People want to read blogs that are real. But again, make sure you’re posting links to your eBay listings.

All these things can drive traffic to your eBay listings simply by posting the links.

How to Market Your eBay Reseller Blog

What good is a blog if no one reads it?

Great question!

The easiest way to get readers on your blog is social media.

Set up social media accounts for your eBay business:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • etc.

Build up followers for these accounts by following other people who have the same interests. When you follow others with the same interests as you, they will likely follow back. Then start sharing all your blog posts to these accounts!

You can also share your content with some eBay Facebook groups. You’ll need to read the guidelines for each group as they set their own rules for what is allowed to be posted, but there are some who will allow you to occasionally post a link to your blog.

Another way to market your blog is to leave comments on other related blogs. When leaving comments you are given the option to also provide your URL. By doing this you are helping with your own SEO and getting your site seen by other readers on that page.

How to Set Up Your eBay Blog

This is super simple (and cheap too).

Here are a few quick steps:

  1. Set Up Your Hosting Account
  2. Buy a Domain Name
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a Theme

Set Up Your Hosting Account

You hosting account is where your eBay reseller blog will “live”. It’s actually a computer server in the cloud where hosting companies rent space for you to install WordPress and store all the content for your site.

But, that’s enough techy talk… let’s see just how easy this is:

There are A LOT of different hosting companies out there. However, we always recommend Bluehost. We use it for all of our websites and highly recommend them for the following reasons:

  • They aren’t a small, no-name company. The have a great reputation.
  • Their 24/7 customer support is located in the US and they have always been able to help promptly.
  • Their hosting plans are really, really affordable. Plans start at $3.49 per month plus you get a free domain.
  • They have fast page load times and rarely every any down time.
  • Bluehost is extremely user friendly… even for non-techy people

To set up your hosting account and get a domain name, please visit this link.

Check out the visual set up guide below:

Bluehost Set Up Step #1

Click this link and then Click the green “Get Started Now” Button.

Bluehost Set Up Step #2

Choose which plan you would like. If you only want to have one website, we recommend the cheapest.

Bluehost Set Up Step #3

Choose your free domain name (included with your hosting account) or use your existing domain name. Our domain name is: thefamilypickers.com This is the URL that your site will be found with.

Both steps are really easy to go through. If you have any troubles or don’t understand, call Bluehost’s toll free customer support number or open a live chat. They are very helpful!

Bluehost Set Up Step #4

Fill out all the information and purchase your hosting plan.

Bluehost Set Up Step #5

Once your account is set up and you’ve logged into Bluehost. Click on “Hosting” then “Website” at the top of the screen. You’ll then see the “Install Now” button for WordPress, the software that will run your eBay reseller blog.

Only a few more simple clicks and you’ll be all done!

Bluehost Set Up Step #6

Click the “Install” button.

Bluehost Set Up #7

Choose the domain name you just signed up with.

Bluehost Set Up #8

This step is very important.

Click on the “Show Advanced Options” box so that you see the fields below.

You Site Name is what you want the website to be called. Ours is “The Family Pickers”.

Choose your username and password. The username can be an email address or a word.

Very Important: Write down this information because you will need to remember this when you log into your WordPress account.

When you are ready, click on the green “Install Now” button at the bottom.

Bluehost Set Up Step #9

WordPress will now be installed on your Bluehost account and the loading bar at the top will show you when it’s complete.

It only takes a minute or so.

Click on “View Credentials” to find out how to log into your WordPress account.

Bluehost Set Up Step #10

You should now see a box like the one below with your log in information.

Click on “Admin URL” to log into your WordPress account.

Tip: Save this link because you will need it every time you want to log in.

You will now come to a page like this:

Sign in with the username and password that you set up in Step #8

How to Install a Template on Your eBay Reseller Blog

You will now see a screen like this: Your WordPress Dashboard

We highly recommend using the Vantage Theme by SiteOrigin. It’s extremely easy to use and customize with their drag and drop functionality. They also have great support forums!

They have a free version and a premium. The premium version is definitely worth it, the the free works well too.

Here is how to install Vantage theme on WordPress:

To install your template, click on appearance as seen in the image above.

Click on “Add New” at the top of the screen.

Type Vantage in the search box and hit “enter” on your keyboard. The first result is the one you want.

Obviously, we already had it installed on this screen shot, but right where the cursor and circle is will be a blue “Install” button. Click “Install” and on the next screen, click the “Activate” link.

You can now add your logo, colors, images, pages, and more. However you want to design your site, with Vantage there is almost always a way to make it happen.

For help getting your template set up and customized, visit the Vantage Support Fourms.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve just set up your eBay blog!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

Originally published at www.thefamilypickers.com on August 11, 2015.

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