The Zombie Apocalypse: Book One

“Here you are..” I muttered to myself. I was walking along New York City, the lights were never brighter, the billboards were so lit up and my heart was just racing. I was jogging along the sidewalks when all of a sudden I heard a bloodcurdling scream, I wish that I just ran at that point. People started running, causing me to fall of the ground. There were bloody corpses following everyone everywhere. 30 minutes later, I was still on the ground, the street was empty with nobody in site. New York City was usually loud but not at this point. I stood up and looked all around, I just realized that corpses were all around me. I actually ran at that point to my apartment where there apparently “shelter.” People were rushing through the tables with food. Food kept dropping on the floor causing more racket. Suddenly, I saw a bloody-corpse again biting a person. Everyone ran at that point outside or to their apartment. I ran to my apartment and found that my apartment was robbed. “Sack up dudes!” I yelled out. Suddenly, I heard a sudden snarl down the hallway and came rushing to my door as I closed it and it smacked its face in the door. I went to my bed and got some rest and before I knew it, the sun was glaring through the window. I looked outside and the corpse was gone, I opened the door as it creaked and I peeked out. There were police officers knocking from door to door informing to stay inside. I knew something shady was going on so I locked my door and hided in the bathroom. I heard several loud knocks on the door before it finally stopped. I opened the bathroom door slightly so they wouldn’t hear and tip-toed to the door and peeked through the hole to find that the police officers were gone. I then looked out the window and saw fires everywhere, the Manhattan Bridge looked like it was decaying minute by minute. I shut the blinds and cooked some instant-noodles, I know this is impossible but I had an INFINITE supply of healthy instant-noodles! Also, water was an infinite supply as well! So, I was good as well even though the robbery happened last night. Best of all, I had infinite power! I knew life was good in the apocalypse until I heard a bomb on the Brooklyn Bridge. It caused the bridge to fall into the ocean causing a horde of bloody corpses fall in the water. “Oh no..” I mouthed. I suddenly heard police officers rushing in my apartment asking to kiss me. I knew they wanted a make-out session with me because they lost contact with their fiance so I replied “why not?”. As I was having a full-out make out session with an officer I thought “These officers are weird.” When I was finally done exchanging saliva, they all left. I suddenly heard screams down the hallway as I raced over to the door as I shuttled it and locked it. There was pounding and screaming vibrating against the door that freaked me out. Snarls and screech were finally gone and I decided to peek out. I couldn’t because there was blood all over it. I did the impossible and peeked and find the police officers in relief as they killed all of them. Then, the police officers came rushing towards informing me to exit the building as it’s being bombed. I was surprised as first but then I realized that my infinite supply was going to run out but then I realized that I could take it all with me so I did. The police officers rushed me outside as there were helicopters surrounding the apartment building. The building went on fire causing those corpses to chase after us. Long story short, I ended up at the Empire State Building. I rushed in and went in the elevator to ride to the top floor. The occasional elevator music was playing which I found really cheesy. While I was having thoughts, the elevator stopped. I pried open the doors and looked over the windows. “Well, I guess this is my home now.” I said to myself. A whole new journey was beginning in this apocalypse and I am not worried because I was immune to the virus and no zombie thinks I’m food.. for now.

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