Friday Morning.

I seek you, yet I run from you.
A game of hide and seek.
Win or lose. Friend and foe.
Painful run around I’m yet to be tired of.

I long for you,
But I carelessly give you up,
Just after I find you.
You remain my favorite to enjoy.

You heal my mind and charge my feet.
At the end of life it’s you I want,
hand in hand, back to seat.
You’re the privilege I never want decreased.

My jealous bride.
You want all of me for some of you.
Dedicating some of me gets none of you.
Cruel how I have to have you for charity.

You flash through my mind like a flash through the dark.
I remember you after denying someone some of you.
I can be cruel, I can be mean, I get upset, but on you I’d rather lean.
I want you. As my reflection and calming place.