Frustrated Wife.

The speech I should have given.

I killed you six times today.

When your eyes was in rhythm with the bounce of my sister’s cleavage, I definitely blew your brains all over that counter.

Coming out of the room this morning with your print showing, hugging and talking to our guests, also got you a straight shot to the medulla.

My back were arched, my legs were tensed then you got tired, doing what you were doing. Right in the middle of me about to explode, that kills you every freaking time. It makes me want to run to his arms every single time.

I poisoned you, when you had the guts to say my chicken was dry. Comparing my food to your mother. Who gives a bleep about your mom’s cooking?

When you agreed to my mother staying one more week, when you should have said no like we talked. I stabbed the living life out of you, have a freaking back bone.

Oh, you also got hit by a stray bullet today. Just cos. That’s what happens messing with a tensed up wife.

I’ll sit here. Pretending to be the wife you need. Saying only what they expect me to say.

If I opened up, my girlfriends will say I need counseling but I don’t. 
You make me talk like I need counseling. 
You need counseling.

“I’m so proud of you honey, Congratulations.” 
“You deserve the award.” 
“I love you too.”

I just killed you again. How did you forget to mention my name in your acceptance speech?