Our Love Heals The World.

The last time I saw you,
roses had petals, 
birds had wings,
the sun was out,
and love had no sting.
Us being together,
made everything seem better.

The last time I held you,
I had a job,
everything was perfect.
Us in our world,
completing the thoughts of the other,
and beautiful skies
were everything we enjoyed.

Then we went our separate ways.
The sun also going its own way,
Cloud, inches of rain
I wake up to leaves falling off trees,
hurricane knocking off roofs,
electric poles hanging upside down,
people stuck in their car,
panic, chaos everywhere.

When we make love,
Life for the rest of the world
functions like it should.
Even if we don’t do it for us,
let’s do it for the world.
Healing the world with our passion.
Let’s make love again.
Every moan putting a smile on many faces.