Happiness Nugget.

At some point you have to stop fighting the same people over the same issues. Fighting the same person over the same issue only means neither of you two have grown any. Clearly, no one is listening to the other. Time wasted. Arguments should not be a source of joy or accomplishment, and always having to be right is a weakness, not a source of confidence.

Find a common ground and leave it at that. Use your time for something more beneficial. Don’t give up your peace of mind so easily.

It could be as simple as agreeing with whatever truth they choose to hold on to, keeping in mind that our experiences and upbringing frame what we think and what we believe.

Whatever you hold as truth is only half a truth. We won’t know completely, without a doubt, if grass is really green or purple. What we do know is what someone taught us, something we’ve grown to know and something we now hold on to. Even scientists and researchers reveal their discoveries with a 99 percent accuracy, what if the one percent was the right and only percent that mattered?

You agreeing to the possible validity of a concept doesn’t mean you are wrong and they are right, but it could mean you have better things to do than to educate someone on why the earth is round and not flat. 
Really, who cares? after enough drinks the earth feels round alright but when you’re sober you have to agree the earth does look flat to the natural eyes.

Some people will not be satisfied if your argument was right. Some people will not be satisfied if their argument was right but they still will not let go of their argument. I dare to say constantly engaging in arguments that never results to someone else being right can be a symptom of some mental illness, a sickness I have to cure myself of. No one person can be right, all the time.

Next time you encounter someone who just has to be right, nod your head and keep it moving.

With Love,

Famous Steve.