Irony of Family Cook Out.

Family gatherings can become emotional.
The laughter, replay of memories.
The reminder of previous promises
to visit that one cousin nobody likes being around.
The dead silence when all the single people make up stories 
why they came yet another year by themselves.
The continuous chatter as the older married folks bring out their toolbox 
trying to fix the single ones, 
trying to make sure the next lover is the last lover.
Confusing alone to mean lonely.
Family get together can be dysfunctional.
Alcohol, something stronger.
Tylenol, something smaller.
People non verbally comparing each other.
Brain working tirelessly, 
trying to make up a better story than the sister’s.
Kids running up and down, back and forth.
Upsetting everyone without a kid.
The endless catching up, 
spouses of relatives, 
the forbidden crush that’d never be.
Family get together,
An outward display of a beaten and bandaged bond that stays unbroken.
Life is better being reminded of whom you came from.
Kids grow nicer knowing those they relate to.
Though family gatherings can be uneventful sometimes,
but if every family had frequent family gatherings,
there’d be less lost and confused individuals roaming the street.