La Madame in Blue Dress.

My hand grabs my glass,
as I notice your figure come my way.
Carrying yourself like 
the seductive broom rider in an animation scene, I look over. 
Starting from your neck, 
I notice the birth mark before your chest.
Intrigued by who this lady might be,
my eyes sketch your sexy physique, the closer you get.
You smile as you stand right next to me,
Not looking away, I say hello, how are you?
as I signal you to get even closer.
Name exchange, shy handshake then a change of scenery.
Few words, your hands on mine, my lips on yours,
and once again ‘twas Fourth of July in February.
As the night passes, the chilly atmosphere stirs up thoughts 
of the many ways we can make our bodies heat.
We look into each other’s eyes,
with little thought for people around us.
Your skirt reveal goose bumps on your shaved legs,
as I get that burst of desire below the waist I’m very familiar with.
We hit a pause in our conversation,
You smile, rob my leg and stroke your straw. 
Your sexiness interests me to see your true colors between your legs, 
wondering how many shades of pink they would be.
The more truth we share, the more I desire to hear more of you.
Desire to hear your voice with more sounds than words.
Desire to run one hand down your thick back,
while I take in the sweet aroma oozing from your neck.
You give me your info as our time winds up.
I kiss you goodbye, as I watch you walk away, 
knowing we won’t see each other again.