No, Thank You. You Can Keep The Bill.

I drink water a lot,
I use the bathroom a lot.
I flush the bathroom a lot,
My water bill goes up a lot.
Me drinking a lot of water,
results in me spending a lot more for water.

I pay my doctor far too much
for him to tell me how healthy I would be 
when I engage in activities 
that would make me spend more money.
Doctors are terrible at accounting and money management.

I pay the utility company way too much.
But they like it. In fact, they make estimated profits for next year based on it.
Utility companies wish their customers
would continue in their expensive habits.

If I choose to stay healthy,
A lot of people are benefitting financially from it.
If I choose to be unhealthy,
A lot more people would benefit financially from it.
The perfect crossroads.

If only I can find a politician 
to put me in front of a television ad with a caption:
This handsome man should not have
to choose between staying hydrated 
and having a roof over his head.
Vote for me and let’s make America great.