My mind can break chains.
Chains dragging me back to debt,
Chains pooling me down to death,
Chains forcing me back in line,
Chains restricting my success,
Everything triggering my distress.
I’m determined to break off my chains.

My mind can bend metals. 
Metals constructively built inside my head,
Metals limiting where I go,
Metals I enroll myself everyday for minimum wage,
Metals I carry with me in fancy gift wraps
Everyplace stealing my joyful song,
Watch me bend their metals.

I don’t fit in.
My thoughts are a threat to their norm.
More people becoming strong is more people to silence quick
My natural habitat of love and strength is against greedy prosperity
The only expense their masters cannot afford.

You don’t fit in.
Your nonconformity slightly motivates them
You being unafraid makes them aroused
You being daring, never backing down, gives them sudden bravery
You unfazed by tinkles and crowd hypnotism remind them of what used to be
You not dazzled by mockery and criticism show them what could be.
You are a threat to their structure.

But I don’t mind being strong.
The strong intimidates the crowd.
It takes scars and determination to create a visible path
It takes strength to know who you are when everyone else is colored alike
It takes a tough mind to not forget your goals for tomorrow 
when your tomorrow becomes your today.
It takes experiences for strength to stand out.

Stay strong.