Thank you Alcohol.

What generation we’ve become.
Unappreciative of the many opportunities available to us.
People got decapitated for a sip.
Back in the day,
before you were born,
humans had to travel from Montana to Jersey for Margaritaville.
Today, you can easily roll out in your pjs,
walk into almost any bar,
regardless of genitals or skin color,
without need for smuggling or dancing around prohibition.
In one shot,
you can order a strong one,
ask out the bartender,
and make out with a stranger,
all before the end of a song.
Thanks to liquor courage.
Where would we be without potato, water and ethanol?
For sure, there’d be less mistakes walking around with pacifiers.
More lonely people questioning the reason for existence.
There’d be very boring family get togethers.
There’d be no joy whatsoever when it’s 5 o clock.
And parties and celebrations would basically be non existent.
We’d suffer a drop in ticket sales as sports won’t be the same.
Imagine very horny and edgy people waiting to start a fight.
Though, there’d be a hike in grass smokers and pill poppers,
more importantly there’d be more family members alive.
Instead of in morgues, six feet or serving life for drunk driving.
What does Alcohol mean to you? 
More importantly, what does Alcohol do to you?
After how many shots do you close your tab?
substance to increase the joy of a gathering. 
substance that guarantees the dysfunction of a gathering.
Bottom’s up!