The Burden of your Trusting ❤.

Many times you let the word of others restrict you.
You keep yourself bound, stressing in vain, 
because you believe: “people usually do as they say”. 
So you sit and wait, 
your gut feeling telling you they won’t show
yet you wait — because they said they would.
You keep yourself bound to a chair, 
waiting for someone who’s gone about their day.
You place the worth of your words,
as an equivalent value for theirs.
And now the disease of seeing the good in everyone
causes heartache for the utmost optimist.
Your instinct to trust, gets shattered back at you.
With every word that’s not backed by action,
your desire to trust all, gets ridiculed.
With every disappointment,
you feel forced to envision dishonesty in everyone.
What’s to say the next person would keep their word?
Need I remind you gut feelings are often warranted.
Need I tell you your ears can be easily deceived by words, 
and your heart can be convinced by gestures, 
but your gut does not respond to theatrics.

Need I write to you that your gut reads the unspoken.
Still you refuse to accept:
People will do what people will do, regardless of what they say.
You hurt by their dishonesty, even more by their unreliability,
But in your hurt,
You still choose to see the good in all.

When words meant much,
You could grab a jacket just because someone said it’d rain.
Back when people went to their grave, brave,
holding on to what they’ve said.
This was before people’s opinion, preference and choice, 
changed on a whim.
There was a time people kept their word, when talk wasn’t cheap.
Days told in Children’s story book, 
when people only spoke what they meant without the use of many words.
A time when promise meant more than “I will, as long as”,
A long time ago when people would not say it — if they didn’t mean it.
Yet you believe.
You choose to see the person they can be. A honesty they could live.
You take comfort in knowing you would stay true to your own words,
till your dying breath,
even if your honesty left you standing alone, in the cold, content, 
knowing others could bank on your word.