The Weight of Greatness.

I am just a man, one man.
I want most of the pleasures you will seek
but, endless pleasures — cripples a man.
And that’s all that I am, just a man.
One with the assignment to be great.
The mantle to pull those to come, into better.
I don’t get to indulge in a buffet of pleasures.
I deny myself crippling adventures.
Training the body, to choose life.
The discipline of the mind, to be content.
It’s a battle, one you don’t win while alive.
The battle over indulging in all that is sweet
The battle between flesh and self
The discipline to find beauty in the rough
and be skeptical of gold without edges.
Thus far, I thrive tying my will to the understanding that,
the addiction to good prolongs quality of life 
over habits of self pleasure — bottomless desires.
I get enticed just as you will.
But I train to be strong enough to walk away.
I train to be careful with my steps, specific with each choice,
choosing correctly, because I am, only a man.
Burdened with the unspoken dreams of many,
and the many more that I’d never meet.
Selected, without being appointed.
Responsible for others, without verbal or written acknowledgement.
Their eyes look up to you saying “you’re my lottery ticket”.
Their unborn babies whisper to you, 
“messing up life for you is messing it up for me”, “Don’t mess it up for me!”
But I am, just a man.
I worry, I laugh, I feel, I fail, I smile, I learn.
I want you to know,
I’m just like you will become.
And in case we never meet,
I was, only but a man. 
Carrying more weight, so you won’t have to.