This Is How I Plan To Survive A Moody Day.

It’s amazing how money is tied to happiness yet many people talk about money cannot buy happiness.

Being an investor you’d go through times where you are without money. 
That dreadful period of waiting. Where you put out what you have and then wait through the financial dry season for your returns so you can make it rain.

That’s where I am right now. My outflow will be greater than my inflow this month and that makes me sad. Every time I do the math on how to bridge the gap and come up short, I get sad some more. Today’s forecast is a moody day.

Spending unnecessary money for avoidable outcomes doesn’t make me the happiest in the world because I would rather spend that money on myself, give it to help somebody or save it.

This is how I plan to overcome my moodiness today.

Music. The power of music is under appreciated. A song can make you start a riot, it can make you feel lonely, make you justify your bad habits, make you feel on top of the world or make you quit your job. Yes, one song can do that.

Comedy. I read early this year that “the average emotion while watching television is mild depression”. I wont be surprised if many people turn to soap operas and movies to quiet their mind or forget their annoyance however I learned last year that watching is not always the problem, it’s what you watch. So to keep high positive emotions today, I would watch comedy. Have a laugh or two maybe more.

Chocolate. Sugar elevates your emotion, I know this, and now I’ve reminded you of it too. Though I probably won’t be diving into chocolate today. Go ahead, have you some chocolate and add it to my tab.

Walks. Taking a break from whatever it is you’re doing often helps. A change in scenario can make a significant difference. Even if you might spend all that time thinking about everything that made you moody in the first place. Exercise will increase your happiness level, use it.

Food. Growing up for me, the times people told me I looked “sad” or other words they used in its place, almost every time I heard that was when I was hungry. I realized back then that I can barely control my facial expression or mental boost of happiness when my stomach is growling — mad at me. 
So today I plan to eat when hungry. One less thing to worry about. 
One more step to a happier day.

20 things. I plan to list twenty things I like about today. Then twenty things I like about myself. Then twenty things I can’t wait to do.
I realized in life that, our mood has the power to make us think what we are going through is the absolute worse but many times that’s not even one inch close to the case. So listing things I’m appreciative of pulls me back up to reality. Reminds me that I have the power to either dwell in unhappiness and dissatisfaction in everything good today or I can see the light and keep my eyes on the price. Knowing that soon and very soon, we are going to see the positive results we’re waiting for.

There are possibly other ways to improve your emotions but these are the ones I would be mindful of today. My circumstance does not dictate my emotion, I do. And I am dictating that my default emotion will be a happy, positive one even on days that start moody.

I choose to be happy. You do too. Let’s both be happy.

I hope you have an amazing day today, you most likely will. 
But I want you to remember that the things we worry about, often times will not happen.

There is something good in everyday and you will overcome.

With Love,

Famous Steve.