Wedding Jitters

Your pezones rip through your night gown,
On them, I will spell this town.


People get incredibly daring night before eternal commitment.

This might be the last night of your normal life.
This might be the only time you don‘t get treated like a wife.

But before you step into my room,
Know, I’m not as tender loving as the groom.

I won’t lie to you.
I might not tell you the truth,
But I won’t necessarily lie to you, I don’t think.

I won’t break your heart.
I might lay with another,
But I won’t necessarily break your heart, I don’t think.

I won’t make you cry.
You might go to sleep alone, shower alone, eat alone,
But I won’t necessarily make you cry, I don’t think.

I’ll treat you better.
I might not come home every night,
But I’ll generally treat you right.

I won’t purposely hurt you.
Unless I’m sweating on top of you.
I only inflict pleasuring pain.

I’m not domesticated.
If you want security,
You should definitely marry him.
If you want adrenaline,
You should definitely take that off.

I barely think. 
I like to do.
I’d like to do you. 
Right now. In this hall way. 
Then send you back upstairs, holding on to your undies.
He’ll give you love.
I’m incapable of stability.
All I’ve got is passion and sensual creativity.

Curiosity led you down the stairs to my doorstep, drenched.

So tell me, sweet lady, what’s a night of pleasure worth to you?

Take off your gown.
Put on that fold. Get on your knees and open your mouth.

When you’re ready.