What I Learned From Missing My Flight.

First and foremost don’t lock your car key in the trunk especially if you don’t have a spare. That was me, a few hours before my flight.

Exotic car companies make it almost impossible for their cars to be opened from outside without the key — especially the trunk. Theft prevention. 
For your own safety. But a pain when it’s you trying to have someone legally break into your car for you.

I thought about finding my way home to pack a second bag 
or just head to the airport with the clothes I had on, leaving without bags. 
I really would have, but the issue with that, apart from my hygiene, 
was that my wallet was also in the car. And with no form of identification 
TSA would pay me no mind.

This being a first time experience, I got to learn a lot from it.

I also got to write two articles from the experience. 
Call it price for inspiration.

When you call a locksmith to come break into your car, tell them the specific name and brand of the car you drive then ask for a new quote before they come out. My quote went from $50 on the phone to $125 after the tech guy saw my car. The assumption often is if you drive a perceived expensive vehicle then you are used to offloading truck loads of money for every service.

I ended up paying $15 for the tech coming out but declined the service as I wasn’t interested in coughing up $125.

Poop happens and Life goes on.
It’s almost sad, just a little, that neither of us is special enough for the world to stop for one second to consider our predicament. The only time people care about what you’re selling is when it involves you taking your clothes off, that surely grabs their attention. Well, it was too cold for me to take my clothes off for people to at least give me some attention. No matter what happens to you, life goes on.

Through past experiences in life I’ve learned that what seems unfortunate today would later reveal itself as the perfect fortunate occurrence.

I pray the flight arrives safely and I also pray nothing terrible occurs in Orlando this weekend. I’m convinced I wasn’t meant to make that trip. Everything happened perfectly for me not to make the trip.

I usually don’t roll up my windows all the way, in fact I’ve had to run out too many times to remember simply to wind up my window during a storm, but once in forever, both windows were all the way up.

I had my wallet on me the whole day and ended up putting it in the car just before locking the keys. If I still had my wallet on me, I would have made the trip.

Since being able to live away from my norm was what I seek, traveling with
no baggage would have been a new adventure to experience, as long as I had identification, internet connection and money to spend.

The two different companies on their way to attempt opening the car, 
both rescheduled their eta to an hour later than expected. Which would end up being 30 minutes after the plane was scheduled to take off.

I tried, but I could no longer ignore the writing on the wall. I had to accept the fate that the money spent was gone. I had the choice of sitting in sorrow, worrying or I could accept it for what it is and keep it moving.

My missing this trip was too perfect a coincidence. I’m convinced this was me being saved from something awful happening to me.

My life is worth more than a flight ticket though it did hurt but I’d rather lose some money and be safe than spend way more money trying to heal from an injury.

When things out of your control take place, find the humor in it. There’s always humor in it.

When I realized and accepted that I would not be on that plane, I remember laughing hysterically in the bathroom for a good minute or two as I stared in the mirror. Thank goodness there was no one else in the public restroom at that time.

For many people an occurrence like this would leave them out of sorts but I did well remembering to smile, I watched a tv show while I waited for Uber, I got home, got a bowl of ice cream and continued writing this work.

Recognize, that which is out of your control. And, flow with the situation rather than hit your head on the wall.

Now I can proudly say I’ve missed a flight. Haha, sounds like what only cool, important people say when they’re humbly trying not to brag.

Two trips ago, the person who was assigned the window seat next to me on the plane didn’t show and I wondered who pays for a plane ticket and not show, what kind of sorcery is that? Now I know.

I can also say I’ve paid for a room and not check in.

You can make plans but man made plans change.

Overall, I’m grateful I locked my keys in the trunk. The feeling is like a twist of helplessness and hope intertwined. A feeling that’s almost unexplainable.
One you have to experience yourself.

So there you have it:
- Don’t lock your car key in the trunk
- Learn from it
- Call it a price for inspiration
- Poop happens and life goes on
- What seems unfortunate today would later reveal itself as the perfect fortunate occurrence
- Accept the fate that the money spent is gone 
- Keep it moving
- Life is worth more than a flight ticket
- Find the humor
- Laugh hysterically
- Get a bowl of ice cream
- Flow with the situation
- You can make plans but made plans change

It all worked out. I did miss the flight but my key was recovered without me spending a penny.

With Love,

Famous Steve.