By Jessica Rose via Fancy District Online Newspaper

Our first port of call in Norway was Bergen, the second largest city in the country. It’s also said to typically be one of the wettest cities in Europe, but luckily the sun was shining for us and the day felt similar to mid-summer. Bergen seemed to have a mixture of every element of Norway itself, with sharp looking business buildings, along with dainty houses blending into the hillsides and masses of trees and manicured flowerbeds everywhere you looked. If you’re on the hunt for super cool independent clothing stores and chilled places to eat then this a city well worth a visit. As the day was so warm we decided upon a picnic by the lake, of which monster sized juicy strawberries were the highlight.

A day later and the Britannia had made it’s way through the fjords and had docked in Flåm, a tiny yet beautiful village overlooking the snow capped mountains. The weather was still on our side by this point so we were able to spend most of the day sat by the water and wandering around without feeling chilly. Sadly we had just missed out on being able to hop on a train ride as the trips had all sold out, but there are also speed boat tours and kayaks for hire if you’re in the mood for adventure. I always think there’s something captivating about playing it low-key and turning up to a new destination with zero plans whatsoever and seeing where it takes you.

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