Fandora Network Stagetic Partnership With SECURI LAB

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3 min readOct 17, 2022


We are excited to announce SECURI LAB as a strategic partnership of Fandora Network.

Fandora Network gets support from SECURI LAB — Cybersecurity | Audit | KYC. This is an important partner on Fanchain, they will support KYC and AUDIT on Fanchain for all D-APPs. SECURI LAB is a group of cyber security experts providing cyber security, smart contract security audits, and KYC services.


Securi is a group of cyber security experts providing cyber security consulting, smart contract security audits, and KYC services covering reliable methods of identification.


Professional security audits and assessments along with professional reports with intense inspection Delve into every detail With a graph showing the linkage of functions and checking for editing/mutation/delegation capability of various functions


It is a product for project developers/project owners. related to the world of decentralization To build the credibility of the project to investors Our audit process has strict standards and procedures. Our products are more outstanding than other service providers. We are investigating crimes related to financial fraud to ensure that the person conducting the investigation does. There is no crime or being wanted by the government agencies of various countries. Our audits also cover business audits. that has been registered according to the laws of various countries

About Fandora Network

Fandora Network is a POS Blockchain designed to build an ecosystem that caters to the community of sports and entertainment fans, providing a special infrastructure that allows developers to grow on-chain Sports and Entertainment products. The project was born to address the inherent issues of community ownership and voting rights, the issue of copyright, the profit-sharing economy, and the connection between the fan community and celebrities.

Our philosophy is based on the four principles of blockchain technology: Security, Integrity, Inclusive, and Decentralization. To build solid foundations, we build the latest ecosystems with the desire to have Fan Community as a strong financial circle, provide value, build the link, and share profits with the most passionate ones in the community.

Our main idea is to distribute Tokenomic with strict financial principles to build a loyal, engaged community by providing members with incentives to interact with Fandora Network. New crypto attendees will also be able to learn about blockchain technology and how to set up, maintain, and grow digital assets by using them to invest in Fandora ecosystem products. At that, members will become part of Fan Network and have the same rights as shareholders when holding FAN tokens. The Validators will help expand the network to attract more products and talented developers, thereby growing the liquidity and forming strong link of the Fandora Network community itself.

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Fandora Network

Fandora Network is a blockchain POS designed to build an ecosystem that caters to the community of sports and entertainment fans.