A longish walk for water

Opposite the Savica waterfall in Bohinj, you get this view.

The last day of our trip was scheduled for Lake Bled and the Savica waterfall near Bohinj.

I was doing the driving and the cursing because our CX-7, as able as it has been over the last 8 years, is a monster on many of the tiny roads in Europe. Coming round blind curve on a half-lane-wide road and encountering a bus full of tourists is not good for your nerves.

After a gut-wrenching 20 minute drive through the woods, we parked and began our 20 minute walk. Here is the waterfall.

Was it worth the effort? I didn’t really think so, but then again, it was fun doing a mini-hike up the hills to get there.

All of life’s experiences can’t be exceptional, right? If everything is awesome, nothing is.

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