Hi babe volume 22

Hi babe

If I order an uber will you put the leftover salami and crackers in it? You see I’ve been jonesing for that salami all day. Emotionally, not physically speaking because I know I won’t get to see you today, you’re busy and the happiness of our relationship hangs in a very delicate balance of which I do not want to disturb. Although I’ll admit I need to go to the store and dinner tonight consists of plain yogurt and leftover sushi, oh and edamame. The happiness I’m after is again, emotional, notwithstanding the fact that the protein from the salami would be beneficial to my overall health. But you see I have a hypothesis that stored within the bites of those little crackers and salami are memories of the two of us, standing in front of the fancy cheese aisle at Marianos, which reminds me please send the remaining raspberry-cinnamon goat cheese in the uber the rates are good I’ll order it now. I never thought I’d be the kinda guy who went on dates to pick out crackers and nice cheese and salami soI just thought I’d eat a little bit of that nostalgic memory if that’s okay with you it’s just a lifelong dream of mine come true. I hope you had a great day, I can’t wait to see you.


Thanks babe.