How playing Minecraft kicked off my design career.
Lucas Pion

Fingelberg is a place, beyond the blocks, the playful building and the – very serious – fighting, that I will always be happy to call home. I joined Lucas and many others in 2011, and even though with time we all went our separate ways, I know I made some friends and some of the best memories of my youth in the beautiful little community he created.

Gaming wasn’t everything of course (and Minecraft wasn’t everything in gaming), but Fingelberg taught me A LOT. Funny enough, I’ve chosen to follow a path very similar to Lucas’ : I’m a junior web developer and web designer, and I tend to have the same approach about user-centered design.

Reading your post was a breath of fresh air, heavy with memories. It brought a smile to my face.

I have to say, I miss you guys ❤️❄️