Have you ever felt annoyed, disturbed, angered by the sound of someone sniffing, chewing, eating, or even breathing ?

If not, well then you’re fine, but please stay and read.

If you did in fact felt that way already, then you may have a condition discovered in 2000 by audiologists Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff, called “misophonia”, or literally “hatred of sound”.

While not being pain-inducing, to misophonia people some sounds are “triggers”, little switches in our heads that really annoys THE FUCK out of us.

Sniffing, chewing loudly, breathing heavily through the nose, loud walking, and — as I discovered recently— the electric sound of vaping are some of those potential “triggers”. Each time we are exposed to these sounds, we feel instantaneously under stress, some people take the “fight or flight” approach, while others choose to cope with it.

The point is, you might not be aware of it, but you may have misophonia. There are very few people diagnosed with it as it’s a very recent discovery, but it’s real. If you are, then you know already that each of us deals with it in its own way. But be sure you are not alone.

And please try to breathe in silence.

PS: If you want to know more of about misophonia, consider reading this.

This is 4m54s #9 and I’ll see you in the next one ✌️

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