Thousand Exploding Suns

Listen to this while reading ✨

I lost you for a moment, I didn’t know where you went.

I searched across the galaxy, I gazed upon a thousand suns, to find again my favorite star.

I traveled the cosmos, because I wasn’t sure you still existed.

But you were always there, right in front of me.

And now I know, that wherever I go, whenever we part again, I won’t have to search for you ever again.

Because you will always be there, right here with me.

They say you can’t breathe in space, but it is your sight that took my breath away. Never would have I known I’d need your oxygen to breathe again.

Don’t close your eyes.

I’ve watched a thousand suns explode and now I want you to see them.

The entire universe will soon be dead and be born again, but you are the only thing I care about.

Watch this intergalactic sunset happen before your eyes, these thousand exploding suns dancing around us like fireflies.

Through my eyes and through yours, now you can see that I gave you my soul, for you to be cherished, and I’m sure of it, to be shred into pieces when the time comes.

Open your eyes, they’re exploding now.

They’re so bright, and you’re so bright too.

It’s the final day on every planet of every sun of every galaxy, but it’s the brightest, the best.

And the only thing left to do now is to shine, to shine before the light gives out and the dark awakens.

Will you still be there when the light is not? Is it when I can’t see you that you don’t exist?

This memory may be the last we have together, the final bouquet of these solar fireworks.

How lucky I am.

Sometimes, when I hear or see something, I let my mind travel with my thoughts, my inspiration, my feelings and my imagination. I’ll try to share more of those moments.