FarFantasy — The SocialFi Trading Card Game on Farcaster

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FarFantasy is the world ‘s first SocialFi Trading Card Game built on Farcaster. Collect and trade influencer NFTs based on a bonding curve, battle in tournaments, and earn rewards

FarFantasy operates on the Base Network and utilizes $DEGEN for buying and selling NFTs.

1. Summary

Collect: Users acquire Hero (Influencer) cards as NFTs, each representing a Farcaster profile. The pricing of these cards is determined by a bonding curve, ensuring continuous liquidity for buying or selling anytime.

Compete: With their Hero cards, users can create a deck and participate in tournaments. During tournaments, our system tracks the social media influence of these Heroes every hour. This generates a Hero Score, reflecting their popularity. The more popular the influencer, the higher the score awarded to the holders.

Earn Rewards: Based on the performance of the Hero cards (Hero Scores) during tournaments, holders will be awarded points. Players with the highest scores at the tournament’s end will be rewarded based on their leaderboard standing.

2. Better Fantasy.Top?

While similar to fantasy.top, FarFantasy excels in two key areas: Liquidity and Farcaster Integration.

  • Guaranteed Liquidity: Unlike fantasy.top, where price movements can be unpredictable and volatile, FarFantasy utilizes a bonding curve for liquidity. This innovative mechanism ensures you can freely buy or sell your influencer cards anytime, eliminating concerns about liquidity.
  • Web3 Native Advantage: FarFantasy leverages the power of Farcaster, a decentralized social network built on web3 principles. In contrast, fantasy.top centers around centralized Twitter profiles. This distinction offers greater transparency, composability, and security.


  • Hero cards are NFTs
  • Native to the Farcaster
  • Buying and selling cards based on the bonding curve
  • Built on Base Network
  • $DEGEN used as base currency for trading

3. Gameplay

3.1 Collect your Heroes:

  • Connect Your Wallet: Use a Base network wallet to connect. Make sure your wallet has $DEGEN for buying Hero cards and enough ETH to cover transaction fees.
  • Buy Hero Cards: These unique NFTs represent Farcaster personalities. Their price is determined by a bonding curve formula :

Price in $DEGEN = 500 + [(Current Supply)² x 6]

  • Sell Anytime: The bonding curve ensures continuous liquidity, allowing you to sell your Hero cards whenever you choose.

3.2 Compete in Tournaments:

  • Build Your Deck: Strategically choose 5 Hero cards to form your deck (locked during the tournament).
  • Real-Time Influence Tracking: The system tracks your Heroes’ real-time influence based on their activity on Farcaster (likes, comments, shares). Higher engagement translates to higher points for your deck during tournaments. Scores are updated periodically (e.g., every few hours).
  • Leaderboard: Track your progress, ranking, Hero and deck performance, and overall tournament standing on the leaderboard.

3.4 Earn Rewards:

  • Win Big: At the end of the tournament, players earn rewards based on their deck’s performance. These rewards can include $ETH, $DEGEN, Fan points, Stars, Fantasy points, and more.
  • Repeat the Fun: Once the tournament concludes, your deck unlocks, allowing your Hero cards to participate in future battles.

4. Card Anatomy

4.1 Multiplier:

  • 1x : gives base score
  • 1.5x: gives 1.5x multiplier score
  • 2x: gives 2x multiplier score
  • 2.5x: gives 2.5x multiplier score

4.2 Star Rating: Star Rating reflects a user’s social score within the FarFantasy ecosystem, calculated as a star rating based on percentage against current whitelisted users

  • 5 Star: Top 20% heroes
  • 4 Stars: 20–40% heroes
  • 3 Stars: 40–60% heroes
  • 2 Stars: 60–80% heroes
  • 1 Star: Bottom 20% heroes

4.3 Social Score: A broader measure of a Hero’s influence, including activity, followers, engagement, and overall impact. This score gives comprehensive picture of the heroes influence.

This is sourced from Airstack : link

4.4 Social Rank: Rank based on the social score sourced from Airstack : link

5. Fees

5% Transaction Fee: Every time a Hero card is bought or sold, a 5% transaction fee is applied. This fee is split in two ways:

  • 2.5% to the Hero (Influencer): This portion directly rewards the influencer associated with the Hero card.
  • 2.5% to the Treasury: This portion goes towards the FarFantasy treasury, which will be used to fund future development, marketing initiatives, and potentially even future rewards for protocol participants.

6. Benefits

6.1 Hero Benefits:

  • Passive Income: Earn 2.5% of every buy and sell transaction involving your Hero card.
  • Rewards Based on Card Volume: The more players who own your Hero card, the larger your share of the tournament reward pool becomes. This incentivizes you to build your social media presence and attract a dedicated following within FarFantasy.
  • Rewards Based on Hero Score: The better your performance during a tournament (based on your Hero’s social media engagement), the bigger your slice of the reward pie. So, rally your fans and encourage their activity to climb the ranks!

6.2 Player Benefits:

  • Continuous Liquidity with Bonding Curve: Buy and sell Hero cards anytime at a fair market price determined by the bonding curve. No need to wait for a buyer or seller — you’re in control!
  • Early Bird Advantage: The earlier you acquire a Hero card, the lower the potential cost due to the bonding curve mechanics. This rewards early adopters and strategic investments.
  • Tournament Payouts: Participate in tournaments and battle your way to the top. Earn exciting rewards like $ETH, $DEGEN, and in-game currency based on your performance.
  • Based on the Volume of Transactions and Cards: The more Hero cards you hold, the more rewards you get.

6.3 Referral Benefits:

  • Spread the word and earn! Get rewarded with 10% of your friend’s earnings when you refer them to FarFantasy.
  • Welcome Bonus: Be among the first 5,000 users to hold Hero cards and receive a special welcome bonus!

FarFantasy creates a symbiotic ecosystem where Heroes and players thrive together.

When launch? 🚀

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024, at 10:00 AM EST !

We will be sharing more information regarding the Hero Card Sale and details about the Airdrop program in the coming days.

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Last Updated : 20th June 2024




SocialFi Trading Card Game built on Farcaster. Collect and trade influencer NFTs, battle in tournaments, and earn rewards.