Far Features enters long-form creative documentary space with new joint venture


We are happy to announce as of September 2018 Far Features Ltd is moving into the long-form documentary space in a new partnership and sister company based in the United Kingdom with an international scope for documentary.


We (Far Features /Fraser and Eszter) are going into partnership with our Scottish producer/director friend Michaela Storm Moir, a specialist in the long-form factual industry based in London.

The move comes out of necessity. As some of you who follow our work may know, this year we have been developing an independent multimedia documentary project on epilepsy, called A Life Electric. This is a subject close to our hearts. The website, photography and writing aspect of this study will launch at the end of September.


Meanwhile, Michaela has been helping to develop the film element of the project behind the scenes — and we are happy to announce she has now officially come onboard as producer/director and advised that we launch a new company as we seek funding and support for our first film project.

After bashing around ideas in cafes and bars in London we have decided our creative intentions are aligned and begin this new company with a view to creating ongoing original, creative, factual works of documentary.

Our focus is on developing, producing and directing documentaries, both short and long form, with human-interest stories at their heart that have a global audience and impact. We will be securing funding from British and international documentary film funds and media for these ongoing projects.

The team so far:

  • Michaela Storm Moir 
  • Fraser Morton 
    Producer/ Director/Camera
  • Eszter Papp 
    Art Director/ Photographer/Camera

We will be working with our freelance networks for other roles. Please stay tuned for updates for our first project here in the sign-up form at A Life Electric landing page or catch us here on Facebook and Instagram.

All the best. New things. New starts.

Fras Morton 
Sep 2, 2018