She says in that article that she essentially wore out all of her clothes.
A Friday Chat About Self-Imposed Austerity
Megan Reynolds

How can you wear out all your clothes in one year? I just realized that I still had the tee-shirt Samuel Adams’ Brewing sent to me when they were new and courting home-brewers from about 1989. I decided it had seen it’s last wear and turned it into dust rags. I know I have other things that are years old anyway. Hyperbole or does she just own some really poor quality clothes?

♣Edited to fix a spelling error and to say I have never, not once, wanted to be on trend with clothing. THAT may be the simple reason I don’t care about that part of her story. Also, this reeks of publicity stunt and not real effort to assess personal finances. She should go visit her aging grandparent — if she let herself buy electricity, she could pay for transport to see family.

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