Brie and I had kept costs low thus far by operating our business illegally, in the catering community’s seedy underbelly.
My Best Worst Job: Illegal Catering In A Haunted Basement
Laney Ohmans

This is more common than ever. It is not uncommon for these “kitchen” businesses to meet these kinds of one-off needs that little agencies have. Glad you found a niche, but consider at least getting the food manager part and using the kitchen at the location (if there is one). That would go a long way towards appeasing the authorities. Years ago, when my aunt started her catering business, she was told by county health authorities to get started from her kitchen and then see where it goes, getting licensed in a few months’ time. That was good advice, but she did get licensed at some point.

I loved this story. That is a lot of extra effort.

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