Weird and funny. Are these questions asked to female employees when being interviewed?
Rama Chandu

Yes, yes they are.

A lot of us get asked if we have or are planning to have children. In my country it’s illegal to do so, but you know that addressing that will guarantee that you don’t get the job.

There is a big difference between how women are perceived and how men are perceived when it comes to clothing style and looks.
Even as an engineer, when not facing customers I get flack from people ranging from male superiors in other departments to female friends for not looking professional if I don’t wear make up or dress in jeans and a t-shirt (same as my male co-workers).

The obstacles question is only there because people like the person asking the question think there is a significant difference between men and women. The fact that the question is asked is part of what keeps the question relevant.

Women are not better at things then men, and men are not better at things then women. Every person ranges somewhere on a sliding scale, and there might be more people of one gender on the one end of the scale, but we’re still all individuals.
There are brain-centers that function differently for either of the genders, but judging people on those is like saying your male hair dresser would be a great mechanical engineer or your female racing driver would be a suitable kindergarten teacher.

For some reason people still think that these questions are relevant to the work that we do. We are the odd ones out because we don’t let these “rules” define us, so we end up the job that we want, and whenever we do get praised for our jobs we inevitably end up defending our choices because the rest of the world simply isn’t there yet.

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