Being Your Own Creative Boss
Todd Brison

I needed that to start my day.

I have followed a few internet made success stories over the years. From Bloggers, tech entrepreneurs, to the fit industry. With success it is just like you said looking under a rock, A new set of unknowns. Elliot Hulse was one I enjoyed especially seeing how he could handle the intensity and culture. He did survive for several years, but like everything it all must end. Then again this goes with everything you enjoy until its bled dry. All creativity has a life span, until the next cycle goes on. All jobs that require it have a span until your able to expand and make it part of the machine you hated when you started. There are lessons damn hard lessons to be learned from this article. Its not for the faint of heart. You’ll roll the dice, open new doors, close others. A roller coaster of fun, trouble and GRIT! But I should say…if you have the opportunity and means to make it happen, do so…even when you fail, you succeed with one project. In the long run no matter what. It will be worth it. you’ll be more tuned into yourself and what makes you and your creativity yours. Thanks for the article!

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