You can never own all the magic in the world
J. Westenberg 🌈

I’ll start to want a little less, and start to appreciate a little more.

Life is what you make it, and for me and having all those things I wanted as a young professional never brought me any self-worth…only net-worth. I sold everything, moved away and started on my own journey realizing what I need was company in life. There is magic in life, but magic needs to be seen and to be seen it has to be shared with others. You appreciate more when you realize you have lost something important, and that usually happens when your either too comfortable or to old to realize what has happened. Accumulating more doesn’t make you appreciate more, it gives you less in self-worth. For me appreciating more was realizing my self-worth was my net-worth…Then my journey began and my life started new novel not a chapter.

Thanks for the read and for me early morning start to my day!