People Die on Christmas, Too

Christmas is a good time to think about the things you miss. With all the euphoria and bustle, the pretty décor and silly happy-ending movies on TV, the idea what a perfect life looks like becomes clearer. And it gets much easier to juxtapose this idea with the poor reality you live in. Life is not an endless celebration.

They say you need to learn that you can’t have everything. Well, what if there is just one thing you want to have and you can’t have it?

With such big expectations, no wonder that Christmas also brings the worst disappointments. You know, wishes don’t come true the whole year round but on Christmas this becomes a bit extra evident. The truth is, even if you believe in miracles, you won’t make them happen. The truth is that people die on Christmas, too.

Happy Holidays.

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In my fight against loneliness, sadness and depression, writing is my only salvation. I need to let go of the emotions I hold within. I need to speak out the thoughts, keeping me awake at night. I need to know there are others like me. Please.

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