“Success in Career & Life” By coderstrust

coderstrust became the largest freelancing based IT & Non IT training institute where people can learn & earn . Their learning & earning concept has been highly praised & supported by DANIDA, UNDP, WORLD BANK, SEEDBD, rockefellerfoundation, Department for International Development uk. They have been contracted to most highest number of organization past 3 years. Their main offices are at Denmark, Bhutan, Kososvo, Poland & Bangladesh. Coderstrust has been very popular to Bangladesh. You may check their Bangladeshi coderstrust website & details process to contact to their offices http://coderstrustbd.com/. & http://bd.coderstrust.com/

This year 2017, coderstrust has launched their online courses for global participants. They offered their courses with some great features like


You may check out the all courses they have been offered so far

  2. Prestashop & Freelancing
  3. Wordpress & Freelancing
  4. Rockstar Freelancing
  5. Responsive Web Design & Freelancing
  6. Advanced PhP & Freelancing
  7. Software Testing & Freelancing
  8. Motion Graphics, VFX & 2D Animation
  9. Android Web Development
  10. Front-End Web Designer & Freelancing
  11. Accounting Management & Freelancing

You will get a great support from mentor & rest of the team,


Now a different course that COO, Co-Founder, Chairman of CodersTrust jan cayo fiebig has offered that is Success in Career & Life. anyone can make their life very enlightening & great by his guidance .


Morten Lund — Skype Investor said, “super impressed by Cayo’s skills and personality. He came up with an idea that is one of the biggest I have ever seen being part of more than 100 startups already “
Aziz Ahmed — UTC Director siad Cayo is a change maker, who has already enabled thousands of IT talents of our country to became financially independent. I highly recommend Cayo and am glad to see him as a mentor for our youth.
Anirban Das Gupta — Investor, Founder & CEO Nexim said,”Finally Cayo is in front of the camera. This course is what each aspiring mind needs to became successful!knowing cayo it will be a course full of energy, fun and wisdom. Be raady “
Amar Duggal-Investor, CEO & Founder of several companies said “it is raw that a co-founder wants to be directly with his students.respect. Join and learn as much as you can!””

jan cayo fiebig said about his own course,

Hello Champs,

I am proudly announcing my first personal development course “Success in Career & Life” based on requests from my students. As the Founder of CodersTrust, I have set my mission in life to enable the full potential of talents like you. We have impacted more than 5.000 lives and are now offering a course that only focuses on making money. If you are interested in becoming financially independent, increasing your confidence, enhancing your career or making yourself and your family proud, then do have a look my course. I have added free content if you just want to have a try. I have lived the last 3 years in Bangladesh & India and I am deeply moved by the passion of the people. With a bit more guidance this passion can be transformed into long lasting success. I am super excited to get started. :)

Code you later,


Mentor, COO, Co-Founder, Chairman of CodersTrust

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