These Four Ingredients Will Help You Get What You Want

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We all strive for success. Trying to be a better version of ourselves or the best in whatever we are doing in our career. But when climbing this fictive ladder of success, we see different ingredients that bring us up or down. We all hate the fact that when we achieve something, others tell us it’s because we were lucky. “What about all those hours of hard work, devotion and sacrifice?”, we might ask them. But when we fail at something, we find comfort in the idea that we just missed a bit of luck. …

Using operational command centres at governmental, regional and hospital levels

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While the rising COVID19 numbers are shocking the world, I couldn’t help but question what the best way of fighting this disease could be. While many countries are opting for border closures, travel bans and lockdowns, I surprisingly found these measures are not recommended by the WHO. Rather, they recommend testing, isolation and contact-tracing. Of course, next to making sure the general public is adopting hygiene and social distancing principles. But, for a government to organise all of this for millions of its population, I can’t imagine how important access to and use of data would be in defining a successful strategy. Similarly, the healthcare system has to make daily choices on how to organise its limited capacity for the hoards of Corona-patients that come in daily. Currently, the length-of-stay of a Corona patient on an ICU-bed is at least 2–3 weeks. Just imagine the tense on a doctor when he/she has to make a choice to admit a frail old patient with limited survival chances to an already scarce IC-bed, knowing it might be the only available bed for a fit 30-something patient a week later. So many choices have to be made daily by policy-makers, managers, doctors and patients around Corona. My question is, could this be made easier? …

When the world is becoming your playground

Me running on sand dunes in Namibia © Borderlesstwo
Me running on sand dunes in Namibia © Borderlesstwo
Sossusvlei, Namibia © Borderlesstwo

What are you running away from?”

Is a question I hear quite often. After having spent many years abroad, I am again packing my bags, selling my belongings and stepping aboard a plane towards a new destination. It’s time for me to explain what I am running towards.

Four years ago I started on an endeavour together with my wife. We’d just graduated, got married and decided to go travelling for our honeymoon. The only thing is, we didn’t come back for another three years. We travelled to 60 countries in 4 different continents and lived a professional life on the other side of the planet. Little over a year ago, we returned to the place we grew up, but are planning our next endeavour already. The only thing is that our next step isn’t going to be a destination or has a specific timeframe, it’s rather a lifestyle we are going to pursue. …

and chose a path that would change my life completely.

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Seconds before I would stop my career in becoming a medical doctor

This picture is taken five years ago. I was standing in the bathroom of a large hospital where I was doing my medical internship. I was wearing glasses because my sleepless eyes couldn’t cope with contact lenses anymore. I was in my 4th year of becoming a doctor, with two more years to go. I took this selfie because I knew this would be the last time seeing myself in my doctor’s coat with a stethoscope around my neck. Seconds after this, I went to my superior and announced I was going home. …


Farhang Dehzad

Digital Nomad based in Bali and writing about Entrepreneurship, Travel and Health Innovation.

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