Be not afraid of Nawaz Sharif; be afraid of the people who support him!

Nawaz Sharif did not just magically become a despicable, corrupt monster, hypocrite, liar, money-londer overnight. It’s not something that he has just developed as part of his political campaign. He’s always been like this. It’s literally been part of his schtick for like, decades.

Nawaz Sharif did not just magically become the PML-N’s leader. He was put there by people who believe in the same things he does, who support him, and who genuinely want him to lead this country.

Nawaz Sharif is just being Nawaz Sharif. He is running his sphincter of a mouth exactly in the manner one would expect him to — assuming you were at least somewhat aware of him prior to many election years.

He’s just as morally repugnant as ever, and just as indignant about it.

Of course, that’s just how his supporters like him. When they say they like Nawaz Sharif because he “tells it like it is,” and that he doesn’t worry about being “politically correct” all the time, what they mean to say is that he is not just openly corrupt, homophobic, thief — he’s fucking proud of it.

People like Nawaz Sharif because he gives them permission to no longer suppress their intolerance. He promotes pride in prejudice.

There are people more dangerous than Nawaz Sharif, and they are people you interact with in your community. They are people who you know, they might even be members of your family or your friends.

Even if Nawaz Sharif step down from Prime Ministership, his supporters will still exist, and they will have been invigorated by the rhetoric of this Mafia. Nawaz has made them brave. Imran Khan has made them angry.

Whenever a Nawaz’s Dumpster Fire erupts, consider what’s being said. Then realize that those people in your life who support him are having a direct impact on you and the people you love.

There are men in your community who would use their positions of power (or even just privilege which gives them power anyway) to look at you, or your daughter, and say they’d “grab them by the pussy” given the opportunity. Maybe they wouldn’t even need the opportunity, because when men are powerful they “can do anything.”

Do you still believe those things? What’s your knee-jerk reaction when you see a woman laughing aloud on the street? What do think when you hear a person speaking urdu at highly educated gathering? When you see a woman wearing a hijab?

Nawaz is not the problem; he’s the result of a systemic problem, of which we are all a part. If you aren’t actively against what he stands for, you’re part of the problem. If you are silent, you are tolerating hate.
It wouldn’t take a Nawaz’s leadership to throw us into a Nawaz’s world.
We’re already living in it.

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