Breaking In


Just a quick note. I’m puzzling out a piece called Breaking In.

What it’s about, I haven’t the foggiest. It might be about a break-in. Then again, it might be a treatise on breaking in. Lots of leeway on the second option.

I’ve been brewing a couple thoughts about Breaking In, culled from my traveling notebook.

Overheard at Whataburger while eating a quick bite before heading out (I’m breaking in my new ride), “The secret to the creaminess is…” I didn’t catch the end of the sentence.

“Cellphones are damaging to storytelling.” I heard this on NPR this morning. I think it was Terry Gross.

Maybe it’ll be a poem. Maybe it’ll be a story. Maybe it’ll be completed. Maybe it won’t.

Never owned a thumper before. I’m having fun. Drove over San Agustin Pass today as part of my break-in. Best way to seat the valves on a new bike is drive downhill with closed throttle. A parts manager told me so, so I drove the pass twice before heading to Aguirre Spring Campground. This is the road that takes you there. It’s perfect for breaking in a new bike. (Must vary speeds on this little air cooled single cylinder motorcycle for 600 miles, just like the cars of yesteryear.)

Upon arrival, absolute silence. I could only stand a few minutes of it. Get back on the bike. Reverse course. Home (about a 30 minute ride).

Fuck! How can I not think about Orlando?

Why won’t Johnson Kee respond to my emails requesting permission to submit my scribbles to 100 Naked Words?

How do I respond to the black people on Medium raging about white privelege? I don’t think I can. I have nothing to offer, so I remain silent. (I won’t link to you. You know who you are.)

Same thing with the victims of sexual assault. (see above)

What was it Vonnegut said? “So it goes.”

I’ll offer a prediction. No, I’ll offer two predictions.

Hillary Clinton will be indicted by the Department of Justice (oxymoron alert!). Doesn’t matter that Obama endorsed her. No love for Obama or Hillary in the DOJ.

Donald Trump will be assassinated for the good of the country. Not by me, friends. I’m strictly on the sidelines, laughing my ass off. (I was an early supporter until he advocated a return to torture).

And so it goes.