Coughing Up Blood

Monday night I got violently ill. Temperature spiked maybe 104, uncontrolled shaking, uncontrolled coughing (must hold my untreated hernia when I cough). Stella covered me with a blanket and a hot water bottle. Rubbed my quaking shoulders. Took two baby aspirin. Maybe got four hours sleep.

Yesterday called in sick. Morning temp was 101.2. Still coughing, but now there’s blood.

Considering going to urgent care. Ask the pendulum. Pendulum says no, not worth the visit. I pop two adult strength aspirin. My body aches. I can’t think straight. I sink into a chair, the aspirin takes hold. I sleep three hours. Wake up. No fever, Still, feel like I’ve been sat on by a demon.

Text from my boss… Message received. it’s going to be a tough day without u. Plz get urself well so we can see u Wed.

Other boss texts me last night… Hi Mr. Jeffrey. Wanted to check in to see if your feeling better to be in to work tomorrow.

I text back… ____, at this point I just don’t know. Been coughing up blood today. Going to bed now. Hopefully good night’s rest will help. If I don’t come in I’ll go to urgent care for diagnosis and help. I’ll let you know my condition around 5 tomorrow morning.

Other boss texts back immediately, but I don’t see it until I get up this morning at 3:45. It reads… If anything will you be able to do a 10–6?

It is now 4:36 a.m. Wednesday. I feel much better, but still coughing blood. I will text other boss in 9 more minutes. I will go into work. But first, I’m going to download Kentucky Route Zero. I need a good story, a better story, than the one I’m living now.

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