Please Just Fucking Die Already
Caitlin Johnstone

Couple points, Caitlin.

  1. We’re on the same page much of the time.
  2. You declare the Russiagate conspiracy as “debunked.” I believe you’ve gotten ahead of yourself.
  3. As for wishing McCain would fucking die, all I can do is wish he’d fucking retire.
  4. Putin? Mind if I refer to him as that fucking Putin. (My family is of Russian descent so I do not say this lightly.) Wanna know why? It’s the Russian orphans, that’s why. I won’t try to explain, instead, here are two pieces you really ought to read.

The Unexposed Ethics Outrage On The Edges Of The Trump Jr. Meeting Controversy

Evil Empire Ethics: Stand Up For The Crooks By Sacrificing The Children

I don’t wish an untimely death on Putin. But I sure as hell will trumpet his immoral posturing regarding this issue.

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