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“Did you report the message telling you to kill yourself and your parents? The guy is clearly a nutcase and needs to be removed from Medium. The police might be interested too; they’ve been keeping a more careful eye on internet crazies the last few years because so many of them have tried to enact their evil fantasies in the real world.”

No, I did not. I don’t believe Charles is a nutcase, and I don’t believe he’s a threat to anyone. I think he just jumped in with a thoughtlessly rude slur. My reason for posting this piece (and I thought long and hard whether I should do so) was to offer a lesson to Charles, and to the public at large.

“It has occurred to me, by the way, and I hope it occurs to the Trump Administration, that one very good way to cut down on the number of terrorists entering the country is to deport all their known sympathizers. When people have declared themselves enemies to the American people and hostile to their security and safety, that’s the same as declaring themselves enemy combatants and there are no Constitutional protections for enemy combatants.”

I would not be against that.

“Next up, let’s cut the American purse strings and ‘ban’ the U.N, a lot of degenerates who have been profoundly anti-American and anti-Israel for decades. Why are we paying and supporting people who hate both our guts? Something about nurturing vipers at our breast comes to mind.”

To me, the United Nations began with great promise. Today, however, the organization is a toothless tiger.

As for Israel, I have more empathy for the Palestinians than the country of my forefathers.

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