Do You Animoto?

I’ve made a number of Animotos over the years. Some, like the one above, highlight my strong convictions. The rest were done my first year in the New Mexico PreK initiative. I can’t show you any of those due to privacy issues because these are pictures of children whose parents signed a consent form that stipulated they would not be made public.

Yesterday was Bonnie’s 75th birthday celebration at our home. Here’s Bonnie…

(Bonnie is my wife’s mother. You know my wife, perhaps? She is out of the woods and getting stronger every day.) Here she is at the party…

I took out my trusty Canon 40D and shot 212 photos. Some are really good. Most are average. Some suck bad. In order to include all the pix (even the sucky ones because one man’s suck is another man’s wet dream), I needed to upgrade to Pro. So I did. And now that I have Pro, and can include multiple songs and other cool stuff, I think I’m going to start making more Animotos.

Bottom line… anyone here making Animotos? Why do you make them? Ideas for future Animotos (your own, or mine)?

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