I don’t usually rag on someone, but this guy is a lying piece of shit.

“Lying is what I do and you dummies eat it up.” (Not an actual quote)

Watch the video, then make an informed decision about Magic Mike Cernovich.

Watch his eyes. Watch his lips. Watch your back.

New short film lets Mike Cernovich convince you he is a piece of shit

Trolls for Trump

Mike Cernovich Pivots From Pizzagate to Not-So-Fake News

Course, if you’re a believer, you’ll love the next video… ya know why?… cause it’s from Alex Jones at InfoWars. (Boy, are you stupid!)

You’ll have to wade through 13 minutes and 20 seconds of Alex Jones’s insufferable ranting before golden boy appears. Salud! Hey! Don’t forget to buy this asshole’s snake oil appearing at about 13:21. (Suckas!)