Making Magic

Jeffrey Field

Stella is magic. Today, Stella is in pieces at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Az. She’s not getting better. She’s not getting worse. She’s just hanging on.

I do not have the temperment for jigsaw puzzles. (Stella loves them.) Frankly, they annoy me. And I find that funny because I made up a trope years ago, All is in pieces anyway. People find that annoying. They don’t grok the house behind the house. “What does that mean?” they ask. I grow tired.

So, here I am attempting my first jigsaw puzzle. It’s a piece by Richard Welker titled Wellhead, subtitled Healing Images of the Soul.

And here’s the magic. I figure I can put this puzzle together and, in the process, Stella’s body and soul will reunite in joyous communion. In other words, she will get well. There’s a name for this magic, but I can’t recall what it is.

Can you?

Jeffrey Field

Written by

It ain't what you think. Former newsman, car salesman, teacher. Everything is Thou, if you so allow it. You can find some of it at

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