Dear White People, A Racism Test
Jenée In The Closet

Not having watched TV since 1973 I won’t be watching this, worthwhile thought it may be, but…

Last week I watched Hi, Mom! (free on YouTube) cause I read a blurb in The New Yorker (I get ’em second hand from my big brother).

Certainly not a great film, but it held my attention until…

De Niro brings unhinged spontaneity to Jon’s Machiavellian calculations, especially in wild and daring scenes involving a militant theatre group that preys violently on its spectators’ liberal guilt.

… at which point my eyes popped cause I’d never seen anything like it. Black militants turn the tables on some white people. Seriously, watch it and tell me what you think.

Secondly, although I’m an old white guy, I was once a black man. Seriously. One of numerous lives lived now and forever. It never ends. (So, at some point, I’m also a racist bastard, I guess.) In the Army I hung with a couple black dudes. Spec. Blackwell was one guy’s name. I remember him well. He was a barber in civilian life. He’d cut my hair. A really good guy.

And then there was that black soldier who burned a hole in my heart.

And, of course, there’s Reggie.

I don’t see many black people these days cause I live in Garfield, NM and mostly all I see are Hispanics working the fields or while grocery shopping in Hatch, NM (chile capital of the world!)

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